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Return to winter sky and the horsehead

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Seems to be a January thing for me. Locally the skys always seem to be appalling in November and December is manic anyway so my first imaging session for some time always seem to fall in January. nice to be back out this week, good skys and i was able to take about 8h on the horsehead. Still working the kinks out of the 294MC Pro and its flats particularities (no less than 3sec, but need a very dim flat panel for that)
anyway feedback is always welcome


Horsehead Jan 2023.jpg

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I very much like the image in the forum preview or scaled to monitor, but viewed at 100% it seems very soft and its hard to make out detail because of it. Looks like you drizzled the data as the image is so big?

Nothing much wrong in the image otherwise, and if you look at the image scaled to the monitor then no big deal, but consider not drizzling (and maybe even binning x2?) to get a better sampling rate and ultimately a much better signal to noise ratio, allowing you to sharpen the image a lot more. Looks like the high SNR parts of the image in the flame and around the horse could be sharpened and improved quite a bit if you didn't drizzle or even binned x2 after that.

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