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The Orion nebula (M42, M43) and a widefield shot of IC443, NGC2174 et al.


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I shot this over two nights recently.  It's always fairly low up here but this is an easy one to get decent data quite quickly.  After positioning the mount to clear a telephone cable and hoping the chimney in the South West wouldn't pipe up after the meridian... it was mainly plain sailing!

I love the bottom right quadrant, that dust, colour and the depth.  Elsewhere it's always hard to get depth - hopefully I've got a little.  It's obvious why people keep coming back to this in the winter - it's already one of my favourite images.

SW 150PDS + ASI533MC. 180x 60s + 38x10s (the latter used for some trapezium blending later)


I thought the mosaic of Auriga was going to be my swan song for the Samyang lens but an opportunity arose on Wednesday 18th January for one last hoover of photons!   For now, it's been stripped down for parts (EAF, dovetail, camera, EFW). 

You might all be reaching for SCNR on this one - sorry about that!  I've purposely gone for this to help show off the very faint Ha signal that has very little associated OIII or SII - so up near M35 and right on the very edges of NGC 2174. 

Samyang 135 + AS533MM. 4h 42m (34x180s Ha, 40x180s OIII, 20x180s SII)



Both pre-processed in APP and processed in PixInsight.

As always, thanks for looking.

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