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Summer Triangle Challenge

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Just come in to warm up, five below out there with snow on the ground. 
Despite the forecast saying heavy cloud my inner comet clock woke at five am and kept nagging.

Completely clear outside so I grabbed the 5 inch newt on the AZ5 with a 25mm plossl and headed out. My skies are quite dark so I was expecting this to be simple and obvious which it was not.

Using the end stars of Ursa Minor as a pointer into Bootes, then a guesstimate of the area using a Skyhound chart it was in the EP.

Definite green colour as others have reported. Very soft and diffuse, with a very short fan shape. Off centre core which is tight and bright white with slightly averted vision.

Very happy to have seen it as the weather has not been kind. Back off to a warm cosy bed and a Sunday layin🙏


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