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One for the pixel peepers….

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So I have had issues for a while with astigmatism, in the outer 25% of my images, with my Tak FSQ85, it’s a common issue with these scopes when using a modern small pixel camera, as the optics in these scopes were just not designed for them, put in an old CCD with 9 micron pixels and it’s perfect edge to edge…

So after getting the new corrector that Takahashi produced to deal with the issue, and getting the quoted 56.2mm backfocus, I found it was not that much better, so the panic set in, and wondered if the scope was a dud or collimation was way out…so after some adjustment and a set of 10 x M54 spacers from 0.1 to 1mm, arriving from China, I have managed to,get it much better, well I think so… I have had to add another 0.3mm backfocus above the recommended…it’s amazing the difference 0.1mm made with this corrector….

this is a quick and dirty 1 hour mono of the Rosette Nebula, just 10 x 5min Ha and 12 x 5 min OIII stacked in PI, darks, but no flats or anything else,  with not processing other than stretching with EZ soft stretch and Chanel combination and a little noise reduction as the stack was so small.

it looks much better to me, (but not perfect by any means) but wanted opinions from some pixel peepers out there….to check it out, I can still see issues, but again it’s only the pixel peepers that will notice…

can’t put the image here as it compresses too much and so masks the issues…


https://www.dropbox.com/s/o6p6j3cqqs7gprq/Final combo 2 channels.jpg?dl=0




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