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Imaging C2022 issues with stacking

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I've just realised that Astro Pixel Pro will stack a comet but it aligns on the stars so my image was blurry.
I have just tried DSS in comet mode stacking and of 60 frames it only selects 5 to 7 even though the other frames are OK. Further even in comet mode where I have selected the option to keep the comet and stars sharp it still stacks based on the stars...so a blurry comet. Any ideas?
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In DSS, select all the image frames (click on 'Check all').  Set the Stacking Settings under the 'Comet' heading to 'Stars + Comet'.  Align the frames, but don't stack yet.  Open the first of the light (image) frames.  On the right hand side click on the green comet symbol.  Hover the cursor over the comet head and when you are satisfied with the position in the enlargement, click on it.  If you hold the 'Shift' keyboard key down while doing this the operation is much smoother.  Finally click on the 'Save changes' symbol below the comet symbol.  Repeat this for every image frame.  Then continue with stacking.

Best of luck, Peter

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