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Shadow AND Moon Transit - A First!

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Spent the day fiddling with the ED80 triplet to get it (plus finder) on the AZ4 for grab 'n' go.  The fixed dovetail bar is very inconvenient.

So then when I spotted Jupiter (high south) at 5.00pm, I trained said 'scope on it.

At first, only Callisto and Europa were seen, but at x120, I noticed the shadow of Ganymede in the middle of the SEB.  A bit later, Io appeared at the limb, and could clearly be seen moving away from the disc.

Up to x160.  What's that?  Ganymede itself, right where it should be, a distinct pale spot.  My first viewing of a moon transit, fabulous!  And the STB also showed up.  All still sharp at x192.

Best I've seen Jupiter for a long time.  I put it down to a quality apo frac - sharp, no CA - and observing the planet before the sky got very dark.

Mars was also good and sharp, with very clear albedo differences.

Finished with M45 at x27 / 2.77deg - absolutely beautiful in that 'scope.  A great 60 minute session.

Only problem - now I want a 102 Apo!


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Great report, Doug. Inspired me to get out and observe Jupiter and Mars with the dob yesterday evening. Lovely to see the GRS again.
I’ve been thinking about 102 APO for awhile now. The Starfield 102 that FLO sell has caught my eye. The extra aperture for my solar observing adds an extra appeal. 

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