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Solar Activity Today 20th Jan 2023

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I had a nice session yesterday and well when I turned the scopes towards the sun today and started with Calcium II K and my first thought was WOW. A huge prominence on both the NE quadrant and SW quadrant. The SW quadrant prom was the biggest I've seen since observing the sun. it showed up in Calcium II K but not visible in HA. It was blown away by the solar wind within the two hour observing window I did. The second largest one on the NE quadrant remained visible in both Calcium II K and HA. Also there was some nice flaring in AR3190 a C5.2

Anyway, I'm just collecting data at the mo over these past few days and hopefully get to process the images from the last few sessions soon. Screenshots to show the solar activity today. 

Screenshot (674).png

Screenshot (675).png

Screenshot (676).png

Screenshot (677).png

Screenshot (678).png

Screenshot (679).png

Screenshot (680).png

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22 minutes ago, mog3768 said:

That prom is a lovely capture

Thanks Mog3768, much appreciated, think the timing was just right. Quickly disappeared in a couple of hours. That's what I love about solar observing, each day is different and sometimes very surprising. 

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