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M31 Andromeda


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Data acquired over 3 nights in Dec and Jan.

5 hours each of RGB and OSC Narrowband using UVIR for RGB and IDAS NBZ for Narrowband

ES102 Carbon @ 560mm f5.6 with ASI294MC Pro

Processed in Pixinsight

M31 HaRGB 18-01-2023.jpg

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10 minutes ago, AndyThilo said:

Processed in Pixinsight

At the small forum post size, this looks great.  The pockets of Ha showing clearly, a little detail in M110 too!

Viewing at normal, full size (100%) some of the star clusters and other small scale details have turned into "worms" and become joined up.  It's similar with some of the dust lanes.  Not sure if that's multiple applications of BlurXT (if you use that) or another tool.  Just something to keep an eye on... if you care about that stuff. :) 

image.png.b881265c70d362df5f1dd35808e17b20.png image.png.4ec813ac830a5ce9a4bf0292a82174a8.png

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