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Thursday, 6.00pm, 8SE Cat + Focal Reducer.  Aligned on Mars - worked well, as targets were near the planet.

Sigma 427 - two 7th mag stars, 7.0 arcsec apart - target at the top of a "kite" of stars - going from x36 to x73, got the split, very close, near match, sec at 8 o'clock.

Sigma  435 - 7th and 8th mags, 14 arcsec - target at a corner of an irregular quadrilateral - at x73, the split was very clear, mismatched, sec at 1 o'clock.

Sigma 494 - another 7th mag pair, 5.3 arcsec - at x73 the pair were very close, matched, with the sec at 1 o'clock.

I wanted to go for some tighter examples, but cloud rolled in.  Short, pleasing session anyway!




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