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I wasn’t sure where to post this but I’m so happy. Tonight I used my HEQ5 mount for the first time and also did my first star stacking. It’s only 100 pictures of 30 seconds and I don’t know how to use Affinity photos very well yet but I’ve managed to take this photo and I’m really excited. Any tips on how to improve always welcomed ☺️C24C2528-4AFB-4E09-BDAE-85D0A26D3653.thumb.jpeg.1ff10378a8b92a16d101710fe0556b96.jpeg

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Hi Leti,

Glad you were able to take advantage of the clear skies, and had power to the mount to do it. There is a free software program for processing called Siril, it has a lot of the tools you need and better still for those new to processing scripts which will do the stacking and produce a first results image. You can then do more processing in Siril or move on to Affinity, Gimp, PixInsight or whatever you prefer. There's a wide choice out there and many fans of the various software.

I trust FLO are dealing with the Nevada PSU for you and a replacement works without issue.


PS Normally say welcome to new members in SGL - but we did that on Sunday 🙂


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Snap, I also used my HEQ5 for the first time last night !! It's certainly a step up from the Star adventurer.

Great start on M42! More time will allow you to stretch it further and get the outer core, I grabbed a 2.5 hours under full Moon a few weeks back with an lenhance. Oh, and another vote for SiriL too.

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