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Sky-Watcher AZ-GO2 mount frustrations


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I'm currently using a Sky-Watcher AZ-GO2 WiFi mount with the SynScan app (no connected handset).


Whilst the 'brightest star' alignment functionality appears to work well, tonight I've been encountering a really frustrating issue that I can't seem to find any other references to on any forums/site when 'Googling'. An example of the issue is detailed below;


After aligning the mount to Rigel and Pollux (without any problems), I entered Sirius as my next star to observe. The mount started to slew towards Sirius but after a few seconds paused and then suddenly started slewing in totally the opposite direction!


I thought it was just a blip so re-aligned to two new stars (Betelgeuse and Castor). Again, the alignment worked perfectly. I then entered Alnitak for the mount to go to. The mount started to slew as expected but again, after a few seconds, it paused and then slewed in totally the wrong direction!


I disconnected the battery pack, gave it a few minutes & then reconnected. I followed the same process as above and encountered the same results!


As you can imagine, I was a little peed off as it was a beautifully clear night (albeit very cold) and would have been perfect to do some observing.


Has anyone else with a Sky-Watcher AZ-GO2 WiFi mount encountered similar issues & if so, how have you managed to resolve them? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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21 minutes ago, michael8554 said:

Typical behaviour with power supply problems. 

Start with loose power connectors, then check the battery pack.


Thanks for the heads up...might need to invest in a power supply unit rather than relying on batteries

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