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Astro cam for Mak 127

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For the planets I would probably go for the reasonably priced ZWO 224MC, and for planetary nebulae either the ZWO 485 or the newer 585. Remember that your field of view is limited drastically reducing your target options. However you could capture some nice photos of a few of the brighter small galaxies and such. Your capture time will be increased a lot due to the Maksutov f ratio. Good luck on your journey.

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Couple of images from Skymax 127 on a Virtuoso (gen 1) mini dob mount using ZWO 120MC-S (USB 3).  

Pics taken 2021 when they were low in the sky.  Suspect I'd have been able to get better if I'd managed to get out much in 2022.  Also should note that they were stacked using Mac software (SIRIL) so not the generally preferred apps.

Never had any success with it on galaxies/nebula.  Narrow field of vision on the scope is problematic - need to have finder and scope perfectly aligned and tracking well calibrated.  Have spent entire evenings being unable to get targets in view of the camera - or having them quickly drift off.  

Jupiter transit.jpg

2032_stacked Saturn.jpg

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