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Our sponsors First Light Optics have plastic caps for 1.25” and 2” eyepiece nosecaps, the chrome barrel that fits into the focuser.   On their website search for “plastic nosecaps”.  Finding caps for the other end will be much more tricky, there’s no industry standard for those.

An alternative could be plastic bolt cases, two ends that screw together to protect the eyepiece.

Or you could use those small plastic bags with a sealable top.

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Theres a shed loads of sprung flip caps on eBay, Amazon and Ali that I've moved to for my eyepieces since you can leave them on, they provide eye shade and when finished, just flip them shut.  

Full range of barrel sizes, so if you haven't got standard size eyepieces, you can still find one to fit. 

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On 16/01/2023 at 23:04, jjohnson3803 said:

I've used plastic prescription bottles from the pharmacy / chemist as EP "cases" when I've lost caps.  They're also good for shipping EPs if / when you sell any.

One potential issue with those is that they're airtight, and as such might trap moisture in potentially causing fungal growth on the optics (I put a tiny bag of silica gel in mine, to be safe). Bolt cases on the other hand seem (deliberately?) not airtight so the eyepieces can breathe.

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