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Which binoscope platform should I buy???

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Please look at these two binoscope platforms and tell me which you would purchase to make a binoscope using two 70mm scopes, and why. Thank you very much.

1. AOK Swiss BB-130


2. Binotechno Platform S

http://binotechno.com/product_en.html    (scroll down to "Binocular Refractor Cradle"

There is some urgency to my decision!

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Both units appear to give the same facility so choice may be determined by cost and availability.  Be aware though, parallelism of the two telescopes is no guarantee that the binoscope will produce merged images.  Each individual telescope is likely to have small differences in optical centring, not noticeable individually but a potential problem as a binoscope.   Welcome to SGL.   🙂 

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