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Walking on the Moon

How things have changed.

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20 minutes ago, saac said:

You know in all seriousness the idea is not that far fetched. Look at current satellite technology and the proliferation of so called "shoe box" satellites.  It would not be too far fetched to conceive of one of these carrying a few suitably designed and configured imaging cameras.  Satellite technology that used to be the preserve of governments (military, scientific) are already within easy reach of commercial organisations now and it is only going to increase as launch costs come down. 


I think it would be doable.  SpaceX Rideshare will launch a 100kg satellite into a sun synchronous orbit for about a million dollars.  If you won the Euromillions you could probably do it solo.  Probably be able to do some decent science with it too, even at short focal lengths.

To keep Ed Ting happy we’d need to include an 8” Dob, so you’d have about 92kg of weight to play with.


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On 09/01/2023 at 23:04, Nigella Bryant said:

I was taken by an image of Mars taken with the 60-inch (1.5-meter) reflecting telescope at the Mt. Wilson Observatory used by Hale to photograph Mars in the fall of 1909. 

Fast forward to 2022/3 with my 11inch C11 and Zwo Asi 462MC. Just crazy technology and what's feasible today in amateur astronomers today. 




A great image you were able to capture there Nigella.  🙂

Back around 1985 I was in charge of a construction project at the Mt. Wilson Observatory, and was fortunate to received a private tour inside the dome of 60" telescope by the Astronomer who was my contact for the project. It was very cold inside, and I had an eerie feeling like time had stood still. There was a small shed structure by the wall, which still had the original Edison lightbulb in it; and it was still working. The highlight for me as an amateur observer, was to sit in the ancient chair by telescope, the one that famous Scientists and Astronomers had once graced.  🙂 

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