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As it's raining...

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I have an Altair Starwave Ascent 102 ED and I've just bought an ASI585 MC camera so I've been playing, pointed them out through a rain spotted window (double glazed) at a chimney pot circa 110 - 120 metres distant. First I just wanted to make sure the camera worked and get an idea of the FoV. After watching a few pigeons I thought I'd try putting a 0.67x reducer to again get an idea of the field of view. The reducer spacing from the camera side of the reducer to the front face of the camera is 90mm (± a smidge). I then repeated with the reducer now 24mm (± another smidge) from the 585's front face. Images were taken with and without the reducer and played with in PS to match sizes and black boarders applied to show the extent of each image (no cropping).

Sorry about the rotations between images but I think it shows that final scales are dependent on reducer spacings...

No smidges were hurt during the course of this testing 🙂.


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