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May - Monthly Comparative Targets

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Time to start discussion on the targets for next Month....

We need 4 - 6 targets, with a range of difficulties so that everyone can have a go.

Lunator has kindly agreed to provide a couple of double's for people to split as well.

So, let's have your suggestions, and don't forget we still want your observations for April as well!!

Clear skies :lol:

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Guys here are a few DS for May

Easy - 88 Leo (RA 11.31.7 DEC+14.22) Half way between Theta & Beta Leo

Medium - Xi UMa (RA11.18.2 DEC +31.32) Follow line up from theta/delta Leo to twice the distance north.

Tricky - Epsilon Boo (RA 14.45.0 DEC+13.44) colour and magnitude contrast pair Izar.


STF 1825 - Same wide field as Arcturus (just to the North) mag 6 & 8 white pair.

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Suggestions for May:

Jupiter reaches opposition on May 4th and at magnitude -2.3, will be the brightest object in the midnight sky.

Hercules cluster M13 (mag 7) is practically overhead.

Globular cluster M5 (mag 7) is also nicely placed at about 40 degrees above the horizon in the South.

Albireo, perhaps the best known double star, is also about 40 degrees high in the East - the challenge is how best to see the contrasting colours.

For something more difficult, there is the Blackeye Galaxy M64 (mag 9) 40+ degrees high in the SW.

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Ah, guilty feelings eh?? :lol:

OK - question then. Do you not like the layout of the MC section?? If, why not, what needs to change??

I won't be hurt, but I DO NEED FEEDBACK

Ta :)

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Completely under-whelming!!!!

So nobody has ANY suggestions for May.



At all.....


Still waiting to get enough clear sky to do the Feb and April ones!

Plenty to do there so far.

For those of us who can't visually get these DSO things because of too much LP or whatever, it takes ages to get the images, I'm sooo far behind.

Captain Chaos

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