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PHD2 guide camera connection

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So Ive finally found time to continue the slog of re setting everything up for DSO imaging since my old laptop died. Ive been doing ok so far but I'm struggling to get any software to pic up the guide camera (ZWO 120mc) . I know the ZWO driver is working because I have been able to use my 224mc in fire capture, that same driver should run the 120mc in fire capture but its not seeing it and PHD2 is not seeing it either. The camera is connected to an external USB port which has the guide camera and two other devices plugged into which the laptop is seeing so not sure what is going on here. Also I originally would connect to the "ASI Camera (1) (ASCOM)" option in PHD2 which doesn't seem available to choose, but I have a "ZWO ASI Camera" option instead which is not seeing the camera as stated.


EDIT, I have managed to go into device manager and found this against the camera

"This device cannot start. (Code 10)

Insufficient system resources exist to complete the API."

Not sure what it means?


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Have you tried plugging the camera directly into one of the computers USB ports?  That should let you know if the camera is working ok and then it's got to be a hub or cable issue or possibly low power for the camera from the hub?



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Is the USB hub a powered hub or just plus into the laptop with no extra power connection? Sometimes the cable between the unpowered USB hub & the laptop can be a bit too long and won't supply enough power to run the camera. A poor quality unpowered USB hub with a shorter cable can also do the same thing if there's too much demand on it's 5v power supply. ;)

You could also try downloading ZWO's ASI Studio software to get the connection established and to prove it works.

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Thanks guys, its plugged into a powered USB hub, it was originally plugged straight into the old laptop before the laptop died. I did try plugging it straight into the new laptop but I get the same issue. I did have a quick look into possible issues and it could be something to do with the driver (not sure why) either way I have given up for now and plugged in my 224mc into the USB hub and thats working fine in PHD2 so will use that as my guide camera for now.

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