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NGC7000 SHO reprocess 3 years later..


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"Done" he says, not quite! Been tidying up the laptops hard drive and while transferring data to an external drive I stumbled across the data for this. Given it was over 3 years ago, I decided to reprocess this and apply some new tricks (Yes, I did use that new tool). I didn't preprocess as I have mislaid the darks for the ASI1600 I had, so started off with the stacks I made at the time. Needless to say, its amazing what time and experience can achieve! I have always said that imaging is 25% capture, 75% processing, and I think this applies well here. I was very happy with the result 3 years ago, I'm more than happy with the reprocess! Also it goes to show that the ASI1600 was and still is a great camera and in competent and experienced hands it can still hold its own among the current range of cameras we have today.


2019 version:



Todays version with RGB stars captured at the time but not used in the above:




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