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Condensation droplets on ED80 objective lens?

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Hi all,

Came in last night from viewing, scope was drenched in dew. Followed my usual procedure of taking it back inside, uncapping the ends and drying it out over night. However this morning I noticed that the lens now appears to be covered in tiny specs. I first thought this was just left over condensation that hasn’t yet dried, however I’ve left it all morning and it hasn’t budged. Maybe it’s dried water droplets? Has anyone seen anything similar on their fracas?
Maybe my OCD is making me worry more than I need to, but I’d appreciate anyone’s thoughts on it. If it’s in between the 2 glass elements how does one dry that out?

Scope is skywatcher evostar 80ED




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Good advice from above. Had dew spots on my objective lens even with a dew strap fitted. I use a rocket blower first to get rid of any loose debris then the baader wonder fluid & cloths. Loads on you tube and this forum about it, I started a thread a few years ago about dew spots on my Takahashi FC-100 lens. 

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