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ST4 guiding port ?

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Hi i would like to start using a autoguider with my setup and understand that i need a ST4 guiding port. My mount is a EQ-5 Deluxe with a duel axis dc motor drive. Can anyone tell me if i have a ST4 guiding port?

Here is a picture of my set up.

Thanks Dean


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I don't think you do have an ST4 port. I am assuming that this is not a GoTo 'scope and that it has a simple hand controller with direction keys only? You could modify your the hand controller - I have done this successfully with a non-GoTo EQ6 mount.

Details can be found here on my website

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I did a similar thing to what Steve did with my non pro HEQ5. I wired the inputs from the computers parallel port (via a GPINT parallel to ST4 converter thingy) to the HEQ5 hand controller. This worked really well and allowed pretty good autoguiding even with the non-stepper motors in the HEQ5 (non pro or syntrek version).;)


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Thanks Steve and Sam for your posts you have given my something that i can look into this week. I am in the middle of building a observatory and have not got the money to buy a new mount for a while so your posts have been very helpful.

Thanks again Dean

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