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Yet another Mars animated gif (24/12/2022)


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Hi all,

Second night with clear skies in a row and I decided to go for another set of captures but, this time, instead of jumping into the imaging session, as I always do, I took the time to work on my FireCapture setup in order to try the amazing autoguide and sequencing (actually it is called "autorun") features:


Also, I took care of maintaining a constant interval (of 10 minutes) between captures (of 4 minutes) and the result shows it, I think. What amazes me the most here is the long band of clouds that is visible close to the North pole. I never though I'll be able to "see" such things from home, I'm truly amazed.

The gear:

  • Celestron C8 XLT
  • Sky-Watcher HEQ5
  • Baader Q-Barlow 2.25x
  • ZWO ASI224MC

The software:

  • CDC
  • Firecapture
  • Autostakkert
  • Registax
  • The gimp

Thanks for looking and merry christmas,




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Hi all,

Thank you for your likes and comments (yay I sound like a youtuber). It seems like I've managed to better tune my planetary skills right at the end of the season. Hopefully I will remember something next year (hahaha).

@Kon The seeing was more or less the same (about 1.25"). It was a bit dryer, though and, ah, yes, cleaning the corrector plate that day probably helped as well.

@JAC51 The first capture was on the 23rd at 23:03 and the last at 01:28 on the 24th. Both UTC.

Best regards and merry christmas,


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