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Ok ,I'm not new to this hobby , I've owned many scopes , some very temporarily some for a lot longer but I am a little stuck . I want an 80mm scope to fit side by side with my 8"sct on my AZ-EQ6 in alt az mode . I think the two would compliment each other .

The following choices I have are 

Evolux 82ed 

Evostar 80ed (which comes as a complete bundle with finder , diagonal and EP 

Altair Starwave doublet 80ed supplied with a reduced 

All of the above are in the same price bracket , the first two are brand new the Altair has only been used for display purposes.

The choice will be one of these three as I will be buying , today. 

Without being totally biased please offer some constructive advice 

I am mainly a visual user  . Probably 85-90% of the time , so keep that in mind .. that said I do own the new Star adventurer gti which would accommodate any of these three scopes and may have a DSLR used for a few photos . 

Awaiting answers please 



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A few thoughts.....Free advice offered at full value.

The 80ED is well known so should be easy to sell on.

The Evolux is newer, so maybe has better glass or other performance enhancers (like better black innards) that the 80ED.
Or it may be only Skywatchers trick of sparkly paint and green dovetails.
As you are wanting a quick decision I can't go review hunting!

The Altair includes a reducer, that you don't really need.
So are you paying for something to leave in a drawer and getting less glass/build quality.

Without more research it is difficult to be more constructive. Sorry.

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Hi and thanks for the quick replies .. If I may add although I want to buy  before  Xmas I have been looking at these scopes for the past week or so , trying to weigh up the pros and cons . I do value people's opinions but ultimately I make my own mind up , taking those opinions into account of course . 

I must also add that the Altair scope is currently 100 plus miles away and I prefer collecting so I have to factor in the fuel cost .. I haven't got a Ferrari or huge American gas guzzler but it's still around 40 pounds of fuel. ( The seller ) said he would post but owing to postal strikes and parcel firms inability to do their jobs correctly at present ( I write this from personal experience) I might not get it until the 1st week in March !! 

I am prepared to do the journey but it is a factor . 

Pete and Phill , I see where you are coming from with your answers but I remember when I had a Williams optics 61 and bought a field flattener ... It remained unused . However the Altair reducer  actually comes with the scope so no extra expense . 

David , I kind of get that you were leaning towards the ed80 evostar . It's an older design but has stood the test of time plus reviews are still very favourable. The evolux 82 has had very marmite views  in its short life . I read through  @johninderby's post with interest which was a very positive review but then stumbled on some CN posts which were quite scathing . 

A lot of this may be down to the fact that America has a hate hate relationship with China at present . 

so I think I am leaning towards the older Evo 80ed with the Altair a very close second . The Altair has received good reviews . 

decisions decisions , a first world problem for sure  of course but I've made many mistakes in this hobby already . 


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1 hour ago, Philip R said:

Hi @Stu1smartcookie 

I was going to suggest the same too!

That said, wishing you and family a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, etc., and enjoy your Xmas pressie to yourself. 


Happy Christmas Phillip ... Unwrapping a new scope is akin to heaven , isn't it ? 

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5 hours ago, M40 said:

Come on then, don't keep us in suspenders, what did you go for?  My guess is the evolux. 

Ok so , just seen your post M40 ... Right up to the last minute I knew what I wanted but then I began to think practically ( this is definitely NOT usual behaviour for me ) .. so I bought ..... Two boxes, but only one can be opened...

....To be continued ...



See the contents , later today !!! 



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31 minutes ago, Astronomist said:

That refractor on the floor is looking a bit forlorn, at first glance I thought it was an abandoned Takahashi :shocked: . . .

Anyhow enjoy the unboxing, and your new scope, whichever it turns out to be.

Lol it's just waiting for a new home , it will be travelling with us to Yorkshire next week to meet it's new keeper :)

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