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M63 - A Sunflower from Lancashire


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M63 - The Sunflower Galaxy, located in Canes Venatici (the Hunting Dogs). Another Springtime galaxy image from March 2022, this time from my back garden in suburban Preston. Again using my StellaLyra RC6 scope with 533MC-P camera and IDAS D2 light pollution filter. Processed in PixInsight, including BXT.

There are some faint and distant galaxies also in the image, such as PGC 2194083 (mag +17.7) and PGC 2191787 (mag +18.1).

A much easier process than my recent M64. Not sure if the background in M64 was affected by cloud or that it was binned at BIN4, whereas this was BIN2. I now always BIN1 by default btw.

SM RC6 - Hotech SCA Flattener - IDAS D2 - ASI533MC Pro - RST135E

42x300s (3.5 hours) over two nights

CS, Andy



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