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ZWO EAF fitting.


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Hi there, I have a Starfield 102 fitted with a 0.8x reducer/flattener, guide scope, Asiair plus, filter wheel etc and have now just ordered a EAF. Does anyone know which screws I can use on the existing focuser to secure the EAF securing bracket? There’s a lot of screws on the underside of the focuser and I don’t want to botch up my focuser before even getting the EAF fitted. Photo attached 👇 Thanks in advance.



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If the grub screws near the focus knobs are just to fill the hole & keep out dust, and only removed when accessing the grub screws holding the knobs to the focuser spindle, you could use those. Or one of those and the 'removed' locking screw.

See the post regarding a few of us fitting the EAF to WO Z61 scope

Don't touch the larger allen headed bolts they are likely to be for keeping the focuser/rack adjusted.


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4 hours ago, jacko61 said:

Are the two 'empty' holes threaded?  If so you can use them.  You can also use the hole left when you remove the focus stop screw as, not only is it redundant, it also gets in the way of the EAF bracket.


Yes both are threaded, although they both have grub screws recessed inside them.

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