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Today I finished my pier adapter plate for my recently acquired iOptron GEM45 mount.  It will allow me to use the steel pier in the backyard and my Todmorden pier at my SRO dark site. 

Now I am itching for some good weather. 

Pier plate 3.JPG

GEM45 Pier Plate for SRO 3.JPG


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I used a GEM45 tripod adapter plate from Avalon and mated it to the square plate that was a leftover from another project.  I made the gap just enough for me to tighten a bolt to attach to my piers or tripod.  AT some point I plan to machine a round plate to replace the square one but I am not in a rush since the square one works just fine. 

As soon as I get a clear night I will take some pictures with the mount on it but with the current weather patterns it may be months before that happens.  )^8

Brake rotors do make nice pier plates...I have a couple that will eventually end up on a pier at my SRO dark site.

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I just took this picture of my iOptron GEM45 sitting on a CI-700 Tripod (short version) using the adapter plate I put together.  I also have a tall version of the CI-700 tripod which will work well with refractors. 

GEM45 on CI700 Tripod-3.JPG

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Finally got some clear sky so I could test the GEM45 mount on the Todmorden pier at my SRO dark site.   It works great and is very stable.


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