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Walking on the Moon

SGL 2022 Challenge 9 - Ceph and Cass


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This challenge has produced a wonderful range of images, from wide expanses of dusty space to close up emission nebulae.  As usual the standard has been exceptionally high giving us the usual judging headache.  It always feels unpleasant to be limited to 3 winners but for good or ill we have made our selection.  

1) AbsolutelyN - LDN 1251

This image has a real sense of depth.  Superbly processed



2) Fegato - VdB152, Barnard 175, SNR110.3 + 11.3, Dengel-Hartl5 planetary nebula

This image epitomises what is so special about this area of sky.  Here we have dark, reflection and emission nebulosity superbly pulled together to make a stunning picture

B175 2022 stretch crop.jpg


3) Lee-P - The Elephant's Trunk Nebula

As expected, there were some superb emission nebula images.  This version of the Elephant's Trunk manages to to be impactful whilst avoiding appearing over processed.


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