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8 panel Mosaic of Cepheus


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With asiair's new Mosaic modes it's become very easy to do mosaics - so here's my first Mosaic - 8 panels, cropped square of the Cepheus region shot over the last 2 evenings.

Shot with asi2600 and SY135mm at F5.6 with an L-ultimate on my EQ6R-pro.

About 2 1/2 hours per panel, 10 min subs.

All shot under a near full moon and bright orange sky which did not help the process admittedly, but hey - you gotta take yer clear nights where you get em!

Stacked in APP, and processed as usual in affinity photo and Siril. I tried more than usual to 'fake' my Sii so really bring out a range of SHO colours by blending my ha and oiii.

Obviously with so limited exposure per panel, no chance of the squid making an appearance - I did consider compositing in a squid from my early 30 hours squid image, but

though I'd leave it as plain SY135 subs in the end - so here u go.

I'm uploading the full 85MP jpg! - so click on it for full res  if u like, but it is 53MB 🙂


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35 minutes ago, Tomvictor said:

Congratulations on a very nice result!
Can I ask why you decided to use f5.6 and if you used step down rings? 

wide open with no fitlers I can get crisp stars edge to edge with it. But with a filter (L-ultimate here), I am still struggling to finf the best back focus. So shutting down to f5.6 gets me decent stars at the edges.

I did try step down rings, but I find thry give me a horrible darker spot in the image which is a real pain to remove. Using the regular aperture ring works fine for me with no side effects.

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