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Markarian double galaxy view


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Finally a clear night with no moon.

Set up the 20 inch dob. Quick laser collimation and I was off.

Tonight the key target was a couple of galaxies in Camelopardalis. Nicely placed towards the North. Markarian 11 and 12 are both about 170 million light years away. I like to try Markarian objects as they tend have active/bright cores and these two lived up to expectation. 

Markarian 11 was the brightest. I could see this galaxy in the 10mm eyepiece with direct vision. Markarian 12 needed averted vision  but was not difficult to pick out.

What is special is to find such a great pair of galaxies (Mrk 11 is mag 12 so pretty bright) that are not even on the ngc database. Even Owen at the Webb Society has not included them in his galaxy of the month column...yet.

Here is the DSS image. Mrk12 is on the left. I had to search long and hard to find anything online about this pair so now I am raising their profile.



I think that Mrk 12 should be possible in a 6 inch dob so let me know if you can spot it.

You need a chart? OK here you go.





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