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Only chance at star camp

Stu Wilson

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This was the only thing i managed at star camp.

I got a window of around 1 hour and managed about 30 mins of clear/ish subs of M33

Heres my poor attempt at getting something out of it and the .TIFF attached if anyone can pull something out of it for me. I know theres not alot of data but its better than id get in Carlisle over 3 hours lol. I just cant seem to get any decent colours out of it in my processing. Probably as theres not much data at all.

In lindsight it was my 3rd time at the Galloway meet and getting to know the familiar friendly folk,

We all know in this hobby you cannot predict the weather but as always everyones spirits were high. Pie n peas fantastic. Good humour and a right good bunch of people.

Roll on Spring starcamp and may it be crystal clear.


Clear skies to all





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Hi Stu, everyone

As always, lovely detail from the fast reflector..

To get this really good, perhaps have a look at tilt, bottom left and something which resembles a distorted dew shield, top right. Any ideas? Should be easy to locate and put right.

Cheers and HTH

pan_01.png.3ab58195e364be93b404de17d939a8fc.png pan_03.png.c573028d1be72fa4fc3c08de8e46ab55.png



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M33 is not terribly colourful and you have, in my view, a truthful amount. I think it could be better balanced but not by all that much.

I'd certainly try to fix the background gradient which is lighter-redder in the upper left than the lower right, but don't fix this by bringing in the black point. An astro-specific gradient tool should have no trouble with it since it isn't extreme.


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