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IC5146 with the 80ED

OK Apricot

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The finished project of 8hrs 35mins throughout november. It's been a very frustrating month, forecasts changing constantly and for the worse, the few hours that I did get being less than optimal with high humidity and dew points, transparency, dew etc. If it's not that, it's the neighbourhood, Bortle 5 and halogen street lamps everywhere, with one session at a dark(er) site at Bortle 4, still with a lot of glow from LP and a nearly full moon.

105x240s HOO, 23x240s RGB with the Evostar 80ED/ASI533MC-Pro. Processing is coming along - It certainly looked better during processing before converting to JPG 😂


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That's a good result.

I can never see any significant difference in quality between finished TIFFs and JPEGs so I wonder why you do. It may be to do with the colour spaces in your workflow. I process mostly in Photoshop set to the Prophoto RGB colour space. This has the broadest colour gamut available. When I'm done, I go to Edit - Convert to Profile (not Assign Profile)- and convert to the internet standard, sRGB. However, I resample my JPEGs down to smaller image sizes as I convert to JPEG. 

A bit of experimenting might help to sort out your issue but I'm not up on the technicalities.


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