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Walking on the Moon

Mars 26th Nov

neil phillips

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41 minutes ago, neil phillips said:

It can be more frozen but also noisier. Me personally I would like the benefit the faster frame rate gives to counter the extra noise. But i understand your manual. And your considerations will be different. I guess all i can say is it wouldn't hurt to try, as yes likely more frozen under bad seeing. But also, noisier. So, pros and cons. Certainly, advocate experimenting as it teaches you first hand your equipment's different abilities. Then compare later. Easy to make assumptions under different conditions though Kon. So be careful of what you think you learn. As conditions change so can the outcome. As Geof pointed out Some top imagers in Australia get great results at 60 FPS. But likely with great seeing and high elevation. You get the point. Great imagers adjust to conditions perhaps ? 

Thanks. Yes that's were some of my confusion comes. You see excellent images with low fps but seeing is probably a lot different from us. I will try give it a try next time but it should be half decent seeing to 'remove' the random moment of good seeing. Thanks for the explanations again.

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