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Celestron AstroMaster 130eq eyepiece help

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As some of you know, I've recently taken the plunge into 'serious' beginner astronomy with a AstroMaster 130, and would like some help with getting some more e.p's, filters etc etc

I'm looking for (I think!!!) a barlow (those 2x magnifier things!) a few more eyepieces possibly, definately some filters, and the ability to mount a camera of some sort to do some Astrophotography.

i don't mind spending a bit, (I want something that'll last!) but I've not got unlimited funds, so I don't mind second hand! ;)

Any help/advice/suggestions will be very welcome!


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My advice would be to get a half decent 32mm Plossl type eyeiece. That will give you some decent wide angle views. Typically Celestron ones brand new start at about £35. The other bit of kit I'd suggest would be a moon filter.

Colored filters have marginal usefulness in smaller scopes so if you got a kit with filters then great but otherwsie I'd not bother.

Barlowes can be had for about £40 for half decent ones. Take a look at this months Sky at Night magazine which has a review on Barlows.

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I have the same scope and went through the same dilema taking ages to eventually pick my EP. You might get differing opinions, all valid, but the following worked for me.

Fisrtly, the 20mm terestial EP supplied with your scope is poor for astro use. I found a Celestron 15mm plossl (under £20 ebay) gave a wider field + higher mag + brighter view. For example, I saw Comet Lulin in Feb using both a 15mm and a 32mm EP, but could not see it at all with the 20mm!

I concur with Astro Baby regarding getting a 32mm. This is also great for finding dark targets, which is difficult using the LED viewfinder. My Meade 4000 32mm Plossl is fine, although the centre view suffers slightly as it's on the lower magnifiaction limit.

I have a Celestron Xcel 5mm for planets views, but a decent barlow will probably be fine with the stanard 10mm EP supplied.

Beware of really cheap barlows, I borrowed one from a £60 LIDL scope and just saw a dark blurry mess.

Interesting you are a bassist, I used to play jazz/funk bass in the 80s, I guess that makes me an old slapper ;)

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Thanks for the advice Astro-baby&JNP! Looks like I'll be gettin a 32mm (and possibly a 15mm) Plossi for starters, and I'll keep an eye out for a barlow and moon filter!

Don't put yourself down JNP, I wish i was able to keep up with Mark King, Victor Wooten et al! Where did you use to play?

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I don't know whether it's any good or not but I use a celestron zoom eyepiece (24-8mm) with my 130eq, mainly because I'm too lazy to keep changing eyepieces. I'm new to astronomy so I haven't really been able to test it against other lenses, only the ones that came with my 130eq, and it seems much better than them. I've had some good views of Saturn with it, and pleiades, orion etc.

It's main drawback is its weight, it's too heavy for the 130eq's feeble focuser and would wobble about when focusing, so I put some velcro (the soft side) inside the drawtube to hold it firmer. If anything it's a bit too stiff now but it doesn't move about any more.

I also own the celestron omni barlow. Which seems good to me, but again I haven't used any others to compare it too.

I've not been much help really.;)

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I put some velcro (the soft side) inside the drawtube to hold it firmer. If anything it's a bit too stiff now but it doesn't move about any more.

I removed the velcro this afternoon and wrapped some duct tape round the top of the drawtube instead, and it's now a perfect fit. It glides up and down smoothly and doesn't wobble, or pull to the side while focusing, at all.

If your drawtube wobbles then I honestly cant recommend doing this enough, it's made my scope so much easier to use.

It's simple enough as well, it took me about 10 minutes.

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