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NGC7380 - The Wizard


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We're doing well this month, that's two clear nights so far! :hello2:

On the 22nd November I managed 5 hours on the Wizard Nebula, a target I haven't looked at since January last year when I wasn't happy with the results. This time, however, it's looking much better with far more detail in the dust than I got last time, the stars are much better and there's a lot more Ha showing.


  • HEQ5
  • Evestar 100ED DS Pro with 0.85 FF/FR
  • ASI294MC Pro set to -10°C, Gain 200 & Offset 30 and fitted with L-eNhance filter
  • Captured with APT, guiding PHD2
  • Stacked & processed in PI
  • 75x 240s subs, 20x darks, 20x flats & 20x flat-darks

C's & c's welcomed.


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Yes, it was captured with a OSC camera and the L-eNhance filter, so sort of a HOO rendition.

I've now got a mono setup as well but my FOV with the mono isn't quite enough to get the whole nebula in one shot. So I'd have to do a mosaic to capture this shot in SHO. 

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Shameless plug...

My SHO effort from this winter. WO GT81, ZWO 533MMPro



My processing skills are still developing, so I'm sure there is more could be done with this. The 533 and the WO GT81 are just about an ideal combo for this target.

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