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NGC 7822...The Love Nebula?


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Another in my mono series--a very productive full Moon for a change.  Over the course of 6 days I obtained mono images of the Cave, the Heart, The Jellyfish, and NGC 7822.  I hope I get clear skies to add color to these images.

Note the crop image, which is a close up of the signature.  What does it say?  I see the word "Love", which could be the last name.  The first is more ambiguous.  The crop is from a rotated image.

FSQ 106 and 0.6x reducer, ASI 1600.  71 300 sec subs





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2 minutes ago, tooth_dr said:

I think you have done a fine job here and I hope you add some colour too whenever you get a chance.

What Ha filter are you using?

Than ks Doc.  I am using an Astrodon 3nm filter

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23 minutes ago, tooth_dr said:

I have been using a Chroma 3nm and I didnt even see a gradient in the image with an 83% moon.  Superb and opens up imaging time around the full moon

Yes--the problem is, we are limited to Ha.  So what happens is I end up with 5-6 Ha images that I end up not having time to add color due to infrequent clear skies and the rotation of the targets seasonally.  I do love Ha though

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