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Solarquest Troubles


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Hi Folks,

I've just bought a Solarquest from FLO and today has been the first really clear sky when I could give it a whirl.

When I switch it on it is supposed to automatically set itself to the horizontal position but it doesn't do this. I did a factory reset in case I'd done something daft but it made no difference. I carried on regardless and the mount just keeps rotating and never finds the Sun.

If anyone else has these issues I'd be very grateful for some advice on a resolution.

Many thanks,


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19 minutes ago, Dr_Ju_ju said:

If it's new, as you say, then get in touch with FLO & explain the issues you are having.... 

btw, my Solarquest, take a few minutes before running its internal start-up routine

Thanks Julian, I've just done another factory reset and it now levels on startup so that's a step in the right direction. I've seen comments that suggest the mount won't find the Sun below 30 degrees so maybe I need to wait until the spring to try it but I'll let FLO know now so that it doesn't cause problems later if there is a fault. On a couple of occasions it's rotated in the wrong direction suggesting it thinks I'm in Australia sometimes ha ha. Mark.

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