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I've used AuroraWatchUK (the iOS app) for quite a few years now (I've still not seen any proper aurora myself yet though 🤫)

You can set alerts if it goes amber / red

And you can also access the Shetland webcams and keep an eye on whats happening up there (usually bad weather 😀)

All in all, a decent app.

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4 hours ago, Knight of Clear Skies said:

caused by ionized neon at lower altitudes

Nitrogen, not Neon.  The photos are still spectacular though. The nitrogen spectrum has a number of lines at the blue and red end but not in the green, which combine to produce the pink colour. This reference has a set of nice spectra and images showing the colours generated.


Fun fact:- blue and red without green also produces the  pink colour seen in reflected sunlight from the JWST sun shield as in my spectrum here


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26 minutes ago, Malpi12 said:

Ah! AuroraWatch UK was green when  posed that.




I use the glendale app on my phone (also available as a website - https://aurora-alerts.uk/). The person who runs it is based in Glendale on Skye, but it flags live reports from other users (along with photos) so you can get an idea of what is actually visible. In my case nothing, as it is wall-to-wall cloud here!

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