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EQ-5 Deluxe with opticstar AG-130M

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Hi im using a EQ-5 Deluxe with duel drives at the moment and am thinking of buying a opticstar AG-130M auto guider. I have a laptop with vista. Is that all i will need top be able to auto guide?

Thanks Dean

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The AG-130M is a "bundle" of a PL-130M camera, a Shoestring GPUSB, cables, software and bits and bobs.

The GPUSB is designed to sit between the mount's ST4 guiding port (I assume the EQ-5 Deluxe has one) and one of your laptop's USB ports. Guiding software such as PHD, will take the information from the PL-130 camera and send guiding instructions via the GPUSB. So to answer your question, yes, you will have all you need.

I bought the same package but unfortunately was unable to get it to work. Take a look at this thread .... http://stargazerslounge.com/equipment-help/67780-anyone-use-pl-130-camera.html ... another member has recently contacted me with the same problem.

OpticStar are a really good company and they accepted that there was some incompatability and refunded my money with no hesitation, so don't be nervous about trying it out. I'm sure it is a good camera and I was just unlucky.



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