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Double shadow fun

neil phillips

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58 minutes ago, chiltonstar said:

I watched it visually for an hour with the frac, but the cloud kept on drifting across.

Nice images!


Cheers Chris. I looked at the weather earlier it said cloud coming in. So i didn't think i was going to try. Woke up. Checked the weather again, said cloud coming later. So went mental trying to setup quickly. Never a good thing rushing. But there you go. What with the football stadium LED installed right over my garden not going off until 12:45. facing east lol. Its becoming off putting. later. its right over my neighbour's roof. I am not giving up yet. Need to get on it earlier with a parasol blocking the streetlight. See if I can get any more decent captures before its gone. Then on to Mars for a bit. Its next year i am really planning for. bigger mount bigger scope. 

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1 hour ago, geoflewis said:

Brilliant images Neil.

Cheers Geoff Finding it increasingly difficult with the stadium light that stays on until Jupiter is over. And the house roof I inevitably end up capturing over as Jupiter gets earlier and earlier

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1 hour ago, U Cyg said:

Nicely captured Neil.  Very much like the Ganymede/Io transit in August.


I was thinking the same thing Angie. Though the conditions were somewhat better on that occasion. I may have to revisit that data at some point 

Thanks for the comments

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