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Orionid meteorite possibly

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Nice catch. My cameras caught many Orionids in the small hours on 24 Oct. I believe there may have been an unexpected outburst. Currently going through footage and will post at some point, although it may take a while. Tonight is looking like it could be clear, so probably won't be able to work on the footage just yet.

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6 minutes ago, StevieDvd said:

@Leo S what camera is that video captured with, and is it mounted as required or a permanent fixture?

It puts my Wyze3 cctv to shame.





My favorite camera currently, the Sony a7S mkII (+ Sigma Art 20/1.4). They can be permanently mounted (with some DIY) but at the moment we're in between properties/renting so I just leave them mounted on tripods, and set up whenever it's clear. At our next property I'm planning to set up at least 8, and will have most mounted in waterproof housings. Currently I run two of them.

The nice thing is you can really crank up the ISO on them if you are somewhere with not much light pollution. The clip I posted is 25600 but I have been up to 100K.

Note that the whole a7S series of cameras are very capable, with the most recent being the best/most expensive. I would buy MkIII's if they were cheaper. Here is a video comparing all of them.


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Can I seek some clarification - this is from last night the  star trails taken for about 2hrs, looking due south at Orion.  The black is the roof at the top of photo.  Just under the roof towards the right are a few short diagonal streaks, one faint, could they be from meteors or satellites?


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