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HEQ5 Pro crooked metal rod


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Hi everyone,

I bought my new HEQ5 almost 6 months ago (still in guaranty) and since the first use I noticed that the accessory tray was a bit crooked, but I didn´t mind much since it was just aesthetics. But a few days ago I realized that the problem is not on the tray but on the threaded hole in the mount head where the central rod screws in, it seems to be deviated, displacing a bit the central rod. It is not much, but it makes a bit hard to place the tray pressing against all 3 legs(but it definitely does secure them). I attach a picture of the tray.

Since that rod is the only thing holding together the whole mount, should I be worried or is this a simple defect? Has anyone had this problem with their HEQ5?

Thank you very much!


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the mount base is threaded but only enough to retain the threaded bar when its disengaged from the mount. The rod is undercut so its free of the threads when its raised. At least that is what its like on every Skywatcher mount I have come across.

If anything the picture suggests that the centre hole in the eyepiece plate is not bored true  and square on. If this is the case if you slacken the thumb screw and rotate the plate round one leg at a time the displacement should follow the rotation.

If that proves to be the case drilling a larger hole in the eyepiece tray would fix the issue.


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Is that fully tightened in your picture?

If I recall correctly the tray has a simple hole and is not threaded.  I'd check a few things:

  1. If you lay the tray on a flat suface is it warped (not that that is likely)?
  2. Without fitting the tray does the bottom knob turn freely & all the way on the threaded part?
  3. Do the legs all have the same amount of travel from the hub - one could be sticking or too tight.



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I tried everything you guys said and both the plate and the mount legs are fine, once I tried to screw the rod directly to the mount head the problem became clear.

The hole in the mount head is clearly crooked. Since it is still on guaranty I'll call my shop to get a new one.

Thank you to everyone for your help!!


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