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Walking on the Moon

Good evening from darkest devon


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Hi everyone

I have just got in from looking at the moon and saturn, amazing!

Although have been interested in astronomy for ages I finally got permission from the management to buy a scope, and a week ago bought a second hand 250mm Skyquest dobsonian. I persuaded her that as my day job looks a bit iffy at the moment (I am an architect) it might be handy to find a time consuming hobby.

Our village near Totnes in Devon has no streetlights, and whilst the southern sky is partly obstructed by an adjacent hill, I was able to find Saturn, albeit with invaluable assistance from the Telrad. We then moved the scope to the drive to look at the crescent moon.

Best of all, the management is also hooked - any ideas for the most useful accessories?

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Welcome to the SGL Forum. I hope your work situation doesn't deteriorate to badly.

A 10" Dob. Is a great choice of scope, and they are not too demanding as far as accessories are concerned. The only requirement is knowing where to find the many great targets that this instrument can show you. Learning how to collimate it when it is necessary, will keep it performing at it's best.

If you need any Advice, just ask away.


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Hi c4miles,

By what you tell us it is perhaps a warm welcome to both of you, simple accessories could include the publication, " Turn Left At Orion " a red torch and if you are feeling more adventurous free programs such as Stellarium and Cartes du Ciel are available, whatever you do enjoy the forum.


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