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Your best/favourite EP?


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On 02/11/2022 at 11:11, ScouseSpaceCadet said:

The Vixen SLV 4/5/6mm I have for primarily (but not exclusively) planetary use paired with my refractor are quite superb. Having gone through various low to low-mid range eyepieces leading up to their purchase, I've no qualms about recommending them, especially if you're lucky enough to find them used. The increased clarity over my previous purchases was immediately obvious at first use. I've tried much more expensive eyepieces since and was not convinced they improved the view enough to justify the £100s extra outlay.

Thank You for sharing this. I feel like most people, I have become a bit obsessed with spending £100's on THE most expensive EP's I can possibly not afford, assuming that big bucks equals big improvements in views!? I think in a hobby that is already so expensive, any way of getting those magical rare moments / views with less money is always a good thing!  Thank You! 

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