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Piggyback newbie

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Hi Folks,

I have what is probably a very silly question, but here goes.

I plan to attach my Canon EOS 450D piggyback on my scope and tracking mount for some wide angle shots.

Does the camera need to point in the same direction as the scope or if fitted with a ball joint can I move it to a different target independently from the mount and it still track?

...I said it was probably a stupid question!

If it does need to point in the same direction, do I need to align the two and how?

Finally, best suggestions for attaching would be appreciated.

Thanks all



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It will still track. As far as the basic mechanics of rotation goes there is no issue. I've done this quite often replacing the counterweight with a camera assembly. For short focal lengths there should be no problems; if you are using longer focal lengths on your camera then watch out for differential flexure which might happen if the mechanicals are a bit weedy. If you are guiding with or for the main scope and your secondary camera is pointing at a radically different point of the sky then you might see some atmospheric refraction effects with targets close to the horizon, again, this will be worse as the focal length gets longer. If your camera lens is only 50 -100mm then it should  very straightforward.

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