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Nice Jupiter


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Cheers Ian, yeah iam amazed Tbh i just popped in the Webcam half heartedly got it to focus and pressed record no messing with settings etc etc hehe if only it was this easy all the time :lol::)

James(Planning Saturn with the Mak next)

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Hehe when ya sobber and that will be ? 5.30pm doesnt go dark now mate :lol:

Cheeky Git!! :) I reckon I'm OK for WebCamming until about 2 ish, after that I just wobble around the decking looking at globular clusters. :)

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Hi Gaz,

With the Saturation you do this whilst imaging matey for Jupiter if in a CA frack i would set it around 40 to 50% if a Newt around 55 to 60% if a mak 80% if hubble i aint telling ya :lol: 8)

Is it the Toucam Your Using Gaz or the DSI?

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