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Adding new finder to Ultima 9.25" OTA

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I have a de-forked 9.25" Ultima from mid 90's I think.  I now use it on the left side of an Rowan AZ100 Mount and I need to attach a finder shoe in a position that will save my neck and not require me to drill into the tube. If you would please refer to the attached 2 photos I would like to mount it on the tube at 12 o'clock, above the focuser knob.  There are 3 screws there and I would like to know which ones I can remove. I am hoping I can remove A and B and if so, any suggestions on how to attach a finder?  The width between the 2 screws (A and B) is too wide for the regular finder shoes.  I welcome any suggestions.


Manoj SoodIMG_6112.jpeg.b6672c05e24ff086c7d8d2954b429fd5.jpegIMG_6095.jpeg.309ec8c5c8c73e9638bbf7b15a532801.jpeg

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