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Primer on Filters in general


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Hi all

I have just read with great interested, indeed i have copied the thread for reference which GazOC wrote on planetary filters.

Is there anyone here who might be able to do an overall primer on these things.

Use of L filters for example, UHC, OIII.

These things seem to be coming down in price now, and i think it would be of great help if someone might be able to expand on all the different types of filter there are and what they are for?

Many thanks in advance


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Al, I've only just noticed this. I haven't got the knowledge to do this myself, but I think it would be really helpful if someone could, if they have the time. Think you might go ahead with it? It'd be useful to know what kind of colour filters are for observing what objects, UHC OIII (I had to google these when I first started on SGL!). Perhaps not just for visual astronomy, but also for astrophotography too... be a great thread to point beginners towards.:)

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I could knock somethign up...

I have my own opinions on filters but I'll do my best to be as objective as possible:D

In the meantime that link just posted is an excellent resource and should be used as a guide to what filters work best for what targets


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Thanks guys

That primer will be done at some point.

At the moment i am mastering LRGB image processing with some success using the tutorial which was posted (where i forget off hand, but it was very good)

Just an FYI, i am recording another, but with a few extra bits which i feel its predecessor did not cover.

Will let you know when its available (next week sometime poss)


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