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Save from DSS to use in photoshop

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Hi im getting a message pop up when i try to open my image in photoshop.

Any ideas?

could not open autosave.tif"because the TIFF file uses an unsupported bit depth

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DSS saves its images as 32 bit TIFFs. Make sure your version of PS can open these. Even with PS CS3 you won't be able to use curves with a 32 bit image, so once initial tweaking has been performed (e.g. levels) you will need to convert the TIFF to 16 bit.

Maybe you can instruct DSS to save its images as 16 bit TIFFs by default. ;)

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I use CS2 and as Paul says it will load the 32 bit tiff but the curves etc are greyed out. If, however, you then click on image > mode > 16 bit it will convert the image so that all the controls are available. There may be a better way but it works for me.


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Thanks guys thats sorted it i can now open them up in photoshop.

Just one more quick question does any processing done in DSS get saved with the image?

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With DSS you can chose to have the changes applied or Embedded ... I use applied if you going to process further in PS/CS...

It's often worth tweaking the gamma when your changing form 32 to 16 bit...

You can set the default to 16bit tiff in DSS ...


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