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Western Veil


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I've been working on this one a while. Partly due to issues with my power supply, it has taken a long time to gather enough data for a satisfactory image.

It's also larger than I realised and only just fits within a 2-panel mosaic with my setup. It's such a great target, though, that I've never imaged before for some reason. I think I'd need another 4 years or so to continue the mosaic and cover the whole supernova remnant!  😆

It's a Bi-colour image captured with the following:

  • MN190
  • Atik 460ex

Panel 1:

  • 22x600s Ha (7nm)
  • 20x600s Oiii (3nm)

Panel 2:

  • 20x600s Ha (7nm)
  • 20x600s Oiii (3nm)

(Total ~13.5h)

For processing I have, as ever, used DSS + Photoshop. I tried processing starless layers using Starnet, but gave up and switched back to star masks. One day maybe I'll finally invest in PixInsight!

Thanks for looking


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