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anyone using c8 edge ,2.5x powermate and zwo adc with zwo camera,back focus


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Hi after numerous adjustments to back focus just wondered if anyone was using the above imaging train and what your back focus is set too,thanks (i know i need another 5mm adding to this at the camera and 10mm taking off at the tube end cheers



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I use a 2x power mate but attached it to a Baader Steeltrack focuser. If you are not using a barlow then I do not think that the distance is an issue. I had many issues finding the target but ended up in putting a Altair MG60 Guidescope with an ASI290MM attached and then adjusted the scope rings so that the centre of the image from the guidescope matched the centre image of the Edge 8 HD. Then I could use Stellarium and NINA to position the mount via the Guidescope and then I would do my focusing once I was on the target.

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